Products from Natural Ingredients


Recommended for combating cellulite and local fat as well as anti-aging skin


Arnica Montana is the natural antidote for the treatment of inflammation.


Improves the elasticity of blood vessels and releases pain and swelling in the legs

Dermactol - Intensive hand treatment cream

Intensive hand treatment cream

Demactol - foot care

Intensive care cream for heels

Panthvera - Skin rejuvenation lotion

For the relief of irritated skin and redness due to dryness or sunburn.

Traumasyn Gel - Treatment of bruises and sprains

Treatment of bruises and sprains

Aloe Vera Balsam

Natural gel from Aloe Vera known for its medicinal and beneficial properties on the skin.

Wound convergence glue

Treatment of multiple wounds and wounds without causing irritation.

Wound healing cream

Fractures and small cuts on the skin.

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